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Nutmeg, mace, cardamoms, raw

Label @en
Nutmeg, mace, cardamoms, raw
This subclass includes: - nutmeg from true nutmeg tree, Myristica fragrans, and many "pseudo nutmegs", as nutmeg or mace, raw - cardamoms, Elettaria cardamomum, and several "false cardamoms", from species of Amomum and Aframomum, raw This subclass does not include: - processed nutmeg, mace or cardamoms, cf. 23923
Valid term
0165 - Spice and aromatic crops, raw [Central Product Classification of the UN (CPC) 2.0]
Exact match
01653 - Nutmeg, mace, cardamoms, raw [Central Product Classification of the UN (CPC) 2.1]
0702 - Nutmeg, mace, cardamoms [FAOSTAT Commodity List (FCL)]