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0111 -Growing of cereals (except rice), leguminous crops and oil seeds [ISIC]
0112 -Growing of rice [ISIC]
0113 -Growing of vegetables and melons, roots and tubers [ISIC]
0114 -Growing of sugar cane [ISIC]
0115 -Growing of tobacco [ISIC]
0116 -Growing of fibre crops [ISIC]
0119 -Growing of other non-perennial crops [ISIC]
0121 -Growing of grapes [ISIC]
01330 - Grapes [CPC21]
0122 -Growing of tropical and subtropical fruits [ISIC]
0123 -Growing of citrus fruits [ISIC]
0124 -Growing of pome fruits and stone fruits [ISIC]
0125 -Growing of other tree and bush fruits and nuts [ISIC]
0126 -Growing of oleaginous fruits [ISIC]
0127 -Growing of beverage crops [ISIC]
0128 -Growing of spices, aromatic, drug and pharmaceutical crops [ISIC]
0129 -Growing of other perennial crops [ISIC]
0130 -Plant propagation [ISIC]
0141 -Raising of cattle and buffaloes [ISIC]
0142 -Raising of horses and other equines [ISIC]
0143 -Raising of camels and camelids [ISIC]
0144 -Raising of sheep and goats [ISIC]
0145 -Raising of swine/pigs [ISIC]
0146 -Raising of poultry [ISIC]
0149 -Raising of other animals [ISIC]
02196 - Bees [CPC21]
02196 - Bees [CPC21AG]
0161 -Support activities for crop production [ISIC]
0162 -Support activities for animal production [ISIC]
0163 -Post-harvest crop activities [ISIC]
0164 -Seed processing for propagation [ISIC]
0170 -Hunting, trapping and related service activities [ISIC]
0210 -Silviculture and other forestry activities [ISIC]
0220 -Logging [ISIC]
0230 -Gathering of non-wood forest products [ISIC]
0240 -Support services to forestry [ISIC]
0311 -Marine fishing [ISIC]
0312 -Freshwater fishing [ISIC]
0321 -Marine aquaculture [ISIC]
0322 -Freshwater aquaculture [ISIC]
0510 -Mining of hard coal [ISIC]
0520 -Mining of lignite [ISIC]
0610 -Extraction of crude petroleum [ISIC]
0620 -Extraction of natural gas [ISIC]
0710 -Mining of iron ores [ISIC]
0721 -Mining of uranium and thorium ores [ISIC]
0729 -Mining of other non-ferrous metal ores [ISIC]
0810 -Quarrying of stone, sand and clay [ISIC]
0891 -Mining of chemical and fertilizer minerals [ISIC]
0892 -Extraction of peat [ISIC]
11050 - Peat [CPC21]
0893 -Extraction of salt [ISIC]
0899 -Other mining and quarrying n.e.c. [ISIC]
0910 -Support activities for petroleum and natural gas extraction [ISIC]