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Biofuel-fired power plants

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Biofuel-fired power plants
Label @fr
Centrales à biocombustibles
Label @es
Centrales energeticas de biomasa
Use of solids and liquids produced from biomass for direct power generation. Also includes biogases from anaerobic fermentation (e.g. landfill gas, sewage sludge gas, fermentation of energy crops and manure) and thermal processes (also known as syngas); waste-fired power plants making use of biodegradable municipal waste (household waste and waste from companies and public services that resembles household waste, collected at installations specifically designed for their disposal with recovery of combustible liquids, gases or heat). See code 23360 for non-renewable waste-fired power plants.
Valid term
232 - Energy generation, renewable sources [CRS Purpose codes 2020-01]