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CPC 2.1 Expanded for Agriculture and Rural Statistics

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The specific agriculture-related part of CPC2.1, including relevant items already included in CPC2.1, plus a number of new items, with different coding scheme. Approved by UNSD, it is currently published as an Annex of the official CPC2.1 (see CPC v2.1 official document, pg. 586 and beyond). Although not technically a separate classifications with respect to CPC 2.1, it is listed separately here because rendered by means of a separate skos:ConceptScheme which includes all concept included in the Annex, namely:

  1. all items proposed by FAO and having a new coding scheme (7 digits)
  2. all items above in the hierarchy with respect to those with a 7-digit code.
  3. any other items consided relevant to agriculture.

More information in section Documentation. 

Note that all concept schemes relevant to CPC 2.1 are currently edited in one single VocBench project.

This is the Simple Knowledge Organization System (SKOS) derived from the CPC 2.1 Expanded for Agriculture and Rural Statistics. The official versions of the Central Product Classification (CPC) are distributed by UNSD. The present version is an experi…
RDF version:
CPC 2.1 Expanded for Agriculture and Rural Statistics as RDF/SKOS(XKOS/DCAT) (v2.5, draft)
Content: Labels in EN (1192), Notes (777)



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