We are testing options to release data for download. Currently, you can download the RDF. If you want specific parts of a classification, or different format (eg, CSV), consider running a query against the SPARQL endpoint (see Query). 

  • CPC v2.0, including correspondences to CPCv2.1 (RDF)
  • CPC v2.1,¬†including correspondences to CPCv2.0 (RDF)
  • CPC v2.1 Expanded for Agriculture and Rural Statistics (RDF)
  • Correspondences CPC v2.0 - CPC v2.1 (RDF)
  • Correspondences CPC v2.1 - CPC v2.0 (RDF)
  • CRS 2018_01 Purpose Codes ("voluntary codes" as narrower of CRS codes) (RDF)
  • FCL (RDF)
  • ICC v1.0 (RDF)
  • ISIC Rev4 (RDF)