June 1st - Caliper release May 2020 is out 

This new release features a number of updates and new content. Here's a log:


  • New content on geographical information, which now includes:
    • the original M49 classification system, by UNSD
    • the M49 enriched with codes agreed between UNSD and FAO (current version)
    • the M49 enriched with codes agreed between UNSD and FAO (as of July 2019)
    • the M49 enriched with codes agreed between UNSD and FAO (as of December 2019)
    • the SDG grouping of countries (which codes are also assigned by UNSD and based on M49 but published separately).
  • New correspondences:
    • ICC 1.0 and ICC 1.1 now link to AGROVOC.
    • CPC 2.1 links to CPA 2.1, maintained by Eurostat.   
    • Geographical concepts linked to AGROVOC and DBPedia


  • The website has been fully updated.  



  • Correspondences between classifications are now modeled both using SKOS and XKOS (the SKOS extension for statistical classifications, published by DDI). We use both ways to to model correspondences in order to accommodate the different preferences of different tools (and people). For example, while SKOS is probably more widely understood by the majority of tools, XKOS offers very convenient ways to query dataset to extract correspondences.  
  • Re-modelling of the geographical information. As all geographical classifications now present in Caliper refer to the same basic resource, the M49 coding system, we implemented them all as different SKOS concept schemes, all sharing the same basic objects, countries, only differently organized. So the five geographical resources shown in SKOSMOS actually correspond to only one project in VocBench. 
  • While working on geographical information, we have used and updated the FAO Geopolitical Information (only its OWL part). You can explore it in its dedicated project on PMKI.    
  • Improved management of metadata. A systematic handling of metadata has been introduced, which relies on the DCAT and VoID vocabularies and allows us to distinguish metadata concerning the classification itself (represented as dcat:Dataset) and metadata concerning the specific distribution of a classification (using the class dcat:Distribution). Those interested in the details of this modelling may access the project Caliper-metadata in PMKI.  
  • Revised naming of concept schemes and URIs. All URIs in Caliper have been revised in order to implement a uniform approach and naming convention.  

May 26 - Caliper webinar

Caterina Caracciolo and Carola Fabi gave a webinar on “Caliper – Serving statistical classifications on the Web” within the FAO Statistical Technical Network. Slides as pdf with speaker notes

Jan 30 - FAO publishes its Open Data Policy

Today, Jan 30, FAO has published its policy document on "Open Data Licensing for Statistical Databases". FAO has also collected a page on Statistical Database Terms of Use.

Jan 14 - New browsing interface available - PMKI

A new browsing interface is now available in Caliper. All classifications available in Caliper are now also loaded in a test instance of PMKI, a tool developed by the University of Tor Vergata and based on VocBench, the editing tool using in Caliper. This is the third browsing interface currently available in Caliper. Visit the page Browse for a pointer to all of them (credentials: "caliper").

What is PMKI good for? PMKI presents the user with different tabs (Concept, Collection, Scheme, Property, Alignments), which can be used to have a closer look at those types of information. For example, the tab "Scheme" allows one to select only one or more concept schemes, when several are available. Cf. datasets CPC2.1 and FoodEx2.


Dec 06 - New release

  1. New classifications included:
    1. Forest Product Classification and Definitions (2016). See visualization in Drupal, Skosmos
    2. World Reference Base 1998 (soil classification). See in Drupal, Skosmos
    3. FoodEx2. See in Skosmos
    4. M49 (codes used in FAO). See in Drupal, Skosmos
  2. Major improvement::
    1. CPC2.1 – improvement in the model, so that all info related to CPC2.1 is now accessible from a single point (ie, extension for ag and pesticides, and codes used in Fisheries). See in Skosmos.
  3. New and updated content on the website:
    1. A new section Documentation, explaining the models adopted for all classifications included in Caliper. 
    2. Added section News.
    3. An extended list of FAQs.
  4. All available classifications available in read-only view in VocBench. Use credentials: 



Nov 19 - Caliper presented at ICASVIII

Caliper presented at the International Conference on Agricultural Statistics (ICAS VIII), New Delhi (India). Paper: "Open Classifications for Open Statistical Data"; Caterina Caracciolo, Valeria Pesce, Mukesh Srivastava, Carola Fabi. Abstract (pdf). Presentation (link to GoogleDrive presentation).

See the Opening Cerimony of the conference, with the opening speech by Bill Gates.


Nov 18 - Website password-protected


All pages giving access to data (= browse, download, query) are now password protected. Type in “caliper” every time you are prompted for a password.


July 05 - Caliper presented at the FAO Statistics Division


See the presentation (PDF).