Edit Classifications

All classifications included in Caliper are also available in an editing platform, VocBench (credentials: guest@guest.com, guest). As a guest, you will have NO editing rights.

Once in VocBench, select a project, then click on "Data", top left, to see the classifications. 

VocBench main features:

  • Full support to manage OWL ontologies, and RDF resources, including specific vocabularies such as SKOS and XKOS, natively (other may be added as needed)
  • Formalized workflow to work collaboratively. Users are assigned roles such "editor" or "validator"
  • Support for manual validation of entries
  • Internal SPARQL endpoint for project managers
  • Triplestore-independent 
  • Open source project
  • Widely adopted by large institutional users to manage resources such as thesauri, classifications, glossaries

More information about VocBench.