We are testing alternative ways to browse and search statistical classifications as linked open vocabularies - using SKOSMOS (a tool developed by the National Library of Finland), and using Drupal, the very same content management system behind this website. Both natively support RDF, yet they have different features. Below, a table summarizing the different features of the two approaches. 

Browse all available classifications in SKOSMOS 
(content is experimental: type caliper / caliper in the popup to acknowledge this and access the browser)

Browse classifications and mappings in Drupal
(same as above)


A stand-alone tool A content management system
All functionalities implemented by the tool Functionalities to be set up by the Drupal admin
Mappings are accessible "from inside" each classification Mappings can be viewed/searched on their own
The hierarchical context of the classification is always visible (left panel) Items in the classifications are viewed one by one