We use three tools to visualize and search statistical classifications and their correspondences. 


SKOSMOS is good to navigate classifications hierarchically. Its entry page is shown below:

Skosmos entry point @Caliper
Caliper vocabularies shown in SKOSMOS

Main features of SKOSMOS:

  • You can search for items names in any language available, or for codes
  • You can search for items either inside a given classification, or against all of them
  • Correspondences are visible once you access a specific classification entry.   
  • Tip: By default, search in Skosmos looks for items starting with the value you typed. So, if you type "wheat" it will return "Wheat, seed" but not "Buckwheat". For a more general search, use "*" before and after your input value, like in "*wheat*".


PMKI is the read-only version of VocBench (our editing tools). It is good to look at how classifications look like in the editing environment. 

Entry point of Caliper in PMKI
Caliper vocabularies shown in PMKI.
  • PMKI is the recommended tool to visualize some resources, such as FoodEx2 2016 and the Geopolitical Ontology.
  • Geographical classifications (such as M49 or SDG Country Grouping) will be available in PMKI soon.


Drupal is the content management system used for the Caliper website. As it can import the results of SPARQL queries, it can also be used to browse and search RDF resources. It offers hierarchical view, fully integrated in the Caliper website. 

Content is experimental. By typing "caliper" (or "caliper", "caliper") when prompted for credential, you acknowledge this and may proceed to inspect the content.